Sir Thomas Frederick Halsey was born 9th Decemeber 1839 in Hertfordshire. He came from one of the most prominet families in Hertfordshire. His father, Thomas Plumer Halsey, was MP for Hertfordshire until his death in 1854.

He was educated at Eton then Christ Chruch Oxford where he rowed in the in the boat race of 1860. After his graduation in 1861 he obtained a commission in the North Hertfordshire Yeomanry and became and Justice of the Peace. In 1874 Halsey stood as a conservative in the general election and won; a post he served until 1885. After the Redistribution of Seats Act 1885. the 1885 general election he was elected for Watford.

In 1899 he was elected Chairman of the House of Commons Standing Orders Committee, and for service in this role was appointed to the Privy Council after the accession of King Edward VII on 24 January 1901, entitling him to the style “The Right Honourable”. Halsey held his seat until 1906.

He served as Deputy Grand Master of England and Second Grand Principal of the Supreme Grand Chapter of the Royal Arch from 1903. In December 1908, he was appointed a deputy lieutenant of Hertfordshire.

22nd April 1873Hertfordshire Prov Grand Master
28th October 1875Grand Superintendent of Royal Arch Masons
in Herts
1903Second Grand Principal of the Supreme
Grand Chapter
1903Deputy Grand Master of the UGLE