Royston Lodge No.4304 was consecrated at the Town Hall, Royston on Monday 17th October 1921 by R.W Bro the Rt. Hon. Sir Frederick Halsey Bart, Deputy Grand Master, Provincial Grand Master.

In total 63 brethern were present and the consecration including:

  • 9 Consecration Officers
  • 17 Founders
  • 37 Visitors

Royston Lodge Founders

C. H. B. Heaton-Ellis
J. H. Gilbertson
J. Crumpholt
C. E. Keyser
G. F Philips
Arthur Sharpe
J. B. Waller
F. E. Harling
H. Obré
H. W. Cowell
S. A. Taylor
H. T. Drage
C. F. Wightman
J. Newling
W. H. Quarrie
W. J. Moore
J. I. Heatley
W. B. King
J. W. White
L. R. Smith
R. E. Sanders